RRB NTPC 26 April Questions (3rd Shift)

26th April 2016 : Find RRB NTPC 26 April Questions (3rd Shift) HERE :

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Candidates have finished their RRB NTPC 26 April Questions (3rd Shift) and now our team is collecting questions from candidates and as soon we have those questions we will publish them HERE.

    • Among the following who was not hanged (Rajguru, Chandrashekhar, Bhagat singh, Sukhdev.) ? Chandrashekhar
    • Smallest planet ? Mercury
    • Food chain related to what ? Energy Transfer
    • What is stomach acid ? Gastric acid
    • Who is at 2nd level in food chain (Grass, Rat, Snake, Eagle ) ? Rat
    • Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas (Methane, Co2,Phosphine,Nitrous oxide) ? Phosphine
    • Which process repairs injury of body ? Mitosis
    • Part plan for the relief of victims of 2015 tamil nadu flood ? Sanitation drive & Rehabilitation for victims

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  • Who is H S Prannoy ? Badminton player
  • Who is appointed as the brand ambassador of ‘Atulya Bharat’ ? Amitabh Bachchan
  • Computer can’t work without which of the following ? CPU
  • Southern rivers ? Godavari and Kaveri
  • Which one is not a storage device ? Modem
  • Forbidden city of China situated at ? Beijing
  • Which device is used to measure current ? Galvanometer
  • Which one of following is not a satellite launching vehicle (GSLV, PSLV, GSAT8, Aiare SGS) ? GSAT8
  • Who was the member of Apollo XI ? Michael Collins
  • In 2015 the FDI limit in defence increased from 18% to what % ? 49%
  • Mughal Ruler Sequence in reverse order ? Bahadur shah II > Aurangzeb > Shahjahan > Akbar.
  • Bouncing back of rubber ball from a wall is related to ? Newton’s 3rd law

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