Railway RRB NTPC 27 April Questions (1st Shift)

27 April 2016 : Get Railway RRB NTPC 27 April Questions (1st Shift) HERE : Candidates have just stated coming out of RRB NTPC examination center after giving 27th April First Shift Exam.

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  • Name of the Pakistan parliament ? Mazlish-e-shoora
  • Among the following, Name the Indian PM, who did not worked as Chief minister ? Indira Gandhi
  • Atoms having same number of electrons called as ? Isoelectronic
  • World’s most intelligent mammals ? Dolphins
  • Which element is used in nuclear fission to observe neurons ? Cadmium
  • Which device is used for shock treatments ?
  • World’s happiest country is ?
  • Find the least value of roots of 5,6,7,8 ?

As soon as they start sharing more questions, we will publish them HERE. Stay with for more updates:

Till the time you can check previous dates question papers below :

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