RRB NTPC 5 April Exam Questions & Answers (1st Shift, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift)

5 April 2016 : Get RRB NTPC 5 April Exam Questions of 1st Shift, 2nd Shift, 3rd Shift with Answers HERE :

To fill 18252 vacancies in various departments of railway, Indian Railway had issues recruitment notification last year. Regarding the same RRB is conducting exams to fill these posts. Exam process has started and once students start coming out of RRB NTPC Exam Center, we have published Today RRB NTPC Exam questions and answers that is 5 April 2016 below:

RRB NTPC 5th April GK and GS questions 1st Shift
1) What is the national game of USA?

A: base ball

2) What are number of heritage sites in India identified by UNESCO?

A: 32

3) In which year Indo-Pakistan war took place?

A: 1971

4) Panipat refinery belongs to ________.

A: Haryana

5) In which university Dhadhabhai Naoroji worked as professor?

A: Elphinstone college

6) According to 2015 survey, area covered under forests is ________.

A: 7,01,673

7) Which converts source code into object code?

A: Compiler- High level language and Assembler- Low level Language

8) Rank of HDI?


9) Law of Inertia was given by ________.

A: Newton

10) ISI implies _______.

A; Inter services intelligence

11) Not a programming language- assembly language

12) Vasco da gama arrived at ______ coast

A: Malabar coast

13) Where is East coast railway loacted?

A: Orissa

14) What is toxicology?

A: study of adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms

15) Ctrl+z is for _______.

Answer: To undo

16) The device which is used for file transfer and communication for short distance?

A: Bluetooth

17) Who is anti corruption member in ICC from Indian cricket team?

A: Rahul dravid

18) In which railway zone, bio diesel train is going to be started?

A: South west railway zone

19) Siachen Avalanche- Lance Naik Hanumantha

20) The satellite Astrosat was first launched in ______.

A: 2015

21) Which is most populous state in India according to 2011 census?

A: Uttar Pradesh

22) How many Medals does India won in 12th south Asian games?

A: 188

23) RMBA is medicine for treatment of ______ disease.

24) Anti leprosy day is observed on _______.

A: January 30

25) Tawang monastery is situated in ______.

A: Arunachal Pradesh

26) Who is father of White revolution?

A: Verghese kurien

RRB NTPC 5 April 2nd shift GK and GS Questions

1)Fullform of pdf?

A: Portable document format

2) Language of Mughal Empire?

A: Persian Language

3) National sports day is observed on _______.

A: 29th August

4) pitch blende is related to ______.

A: Uranium

5) Who is author of Amar Bangla?

A: Rabindranath tagore

6) 1024 GB= _____.

A: 1 TB

7) Literacy rate of India as per 2011 census?


8) Largest coal deposit in India?

A: Damodar valley

9) Capital of Dadra Nagar Haveli?

A: silavasa

10) Flag code of India?

A: 2002

11) Element responsible for air pollution?

A: sulphur dioxide

12) Which device is used for wireless connection?

A:  WIFI router

13) Which of the following city on bank of Nile river?

A; khartoum

14) What is atomic number?

A:sum fo protons and neutrons

15) Biography of Indira Gandhi is written by _______.

A: Pupul Jayakar

16) which union territory is considered as smart city?

A: New delhi

17) Epidemiology is study of _____.

A: Analysis of the patterns, causes and effects of health and disease.

18) What is bio diversity?

A: Variety of life

19) In photosynthesis oxygen is formed from ______.

A: Water

RRB NTPC 5 April 3rd shift GK and GS Questions

1)Euro is the currency of?

A: Many countries like Finland, germany, greece etc

2) What is length of digestive system?

A: 30 feet

3) Who founded swaraj party?

A: chitranjan das

4) Infrared waves are what type of waves?


5) Which among the following is not good conductor of electricity?

6) What is gas released during respiration by human beings?

A: carbondioxide

7) Khajuraho temple is located at _______.

A: Madhyapradesh

8) Where statue of liberty is located?

A: Newyork

9) Which team won under 19 cricket world cup?

A: west Indies

10) Which are not alkaline in nature

11) Which cricketer hit consecutive 3 centuries in world cup cricket?

12) Which is boundary of Bangladesh?

A: Tripura

13) While moving up in the lift our body weight _____.

A: Increases

14) The country which got maximum medals in 2012 olympics?


See RRB NTPC 5 April GK Questions Below :

1. Panipat refinery belongs to?

2. Dadabhai Naoroji worked as a professor in which university?

3. Indo- pak war in which year (except 1971)?

4. Most populous state according to 2011 census?

5. Forest cover of India according to 2015 survey?

6. No. of world heritage of India according to UNESCO?

7. In computer, which of the following changes source code into object code?

8. Which is not related to genetic engineering? BT cotton, golden rice, ladies finger, alphiera

9. Odd one out? Yahoo.com, twitter.com, facebook.com, whatsapp

10. National game of USA?

11. Short distance file transfer/communication device?

12. Cntrl+z is the shortcut of which of the following?

13. Founder of white revolution?

14. Which of the following is not a recipient of Padma Vibhushan?

15. Toxicology is the study of?

16. What is the full form of ISI?

17. Avalanche survivour’s name?

18. Rank of India in human development index?

19. Astrosat satellite first launched in which year?

20. Biodiesel train will be started in which zone?


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