Railway Slapped Notice on Anil Kapoor’s Train “Stunt”

16 July 2016 : Recently Bollywood Actor Anil Kapoor was captured leaning out of a local train during a promotional event. This incident raised the eyebrows of Western Railway.

Western Railway has issued a notice against production house on Anil Kapoor’s Local Train Stunt and breaking safety norms of Railway. Railway seeks explanation on the same.

An official of Railway Said,”In spite of the terms and conditions to adhere strictly to safety and security during shoot, Anil Kapoor seems to be leaning from the foot-board of a local train during a promo shoot on July 14. As observed from videos through social media, an explanation has been sought from production co M/s Market Men Consumer & Events Pvt Ltd in this regard,” said the official.”

IG of Railway Protection cum Chief Security Commissioner of Western Railway, Mr. Udai Shukla Said, Although Kapoor’s act of posing for a photo by leaning out of the train is not much objectionable, there certainly is negligence involved in it.We have sent a cautionary note to the actor and are going to make an appeal to support our endeavour to educate people that performing stunts is extremely dangerous because there have been many instances in which people lost their lives by indulging in such acts,”

During a promotional event of upcoming TV serial 24, Anil Kapoor had boarded on a local train in Mumbai. A local Newspaper had published a photo in which Anil Kapoor was leaning out of the train and waving hands.


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