New Railway Route from India to Russia Soon !

16 July 2016 : According to the Chairman of Azerbaijani Railways, Javid Gurbanov, a new railway route will soon be built from Russia to India via Azerbaijan. In this New North-South corridor, freight trains will run from St. Petersburg and Helsinki to Mumbai.

Chairman of Azerbaijani Railways, Javid Gurbanov said,” Azerbaijan will meet the first train following this path in the coming weeks. The route of the first train would be from the Indian city of Mumbai, on by ferry to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, thence by rail to the Iranian city of Rasht. Because there is no railway line to Iran’s northern border, the cargo would be delivered by truck to the Azerbaijani border town of Astara, where it will again be placed on rails and continue to Moscow. The new route will be tested for the first time, actually constituting the route of the North-South corridor project.”

An official from Azerbaijan Railways said, “About 100 pieces of equipment are being used on this section of the new railway line. So far, 280,000 cubic meters of sand and gravel have been laid, and 14 sewage drains are being built, seven of which are already finished. At the same time, work is being carried out to transfer power lines and gas pipelines and residential premises that run through the territory”


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