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Do you get troubled by the cleanliness of toilets and coaches of trains around India? It is time to say goodbye to hygiene woes in rail coaches, as ‘On Board Housekeeping Service’ is now available across more than 1700 trains in the country. This service is now available via SMS and is tracked by a web-based monitoring system. The SMS can be sent by railway users, instead of tolerating the stench and waiting for cleaners to arrive.

What does OBHS include?

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Scheduled cleaning of the coaches is carried out twice a day through this service. Additionally, cleaning is done whenever a passenger sends across a request through SMS.

How to send the cleaning request?

This can be achieved in the following two ways:

  • Enter your PNR number and mobile number on a form present on the site
  • Send an SMS to 58888 by typing CLEAN <Space> <PNR number>

The software called as OBSERVE (On-Board Services) sends the request to the cleaner present in your train. Once the passenger’s PNR gets validated, three SMS-based actions are generated:

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  • SMS1- sent to the OBHS staff, along with passenger details, which includes the mobile number
  • SMS2- sent to the Control Office, along with same details
  • SMS3- sent to passenger, stating details of the cleaning staff and mobile number

Stickers have now been pasted on all trains covered under the OBHS, telling passengers how they can complain. If the coach does not get cleaned within 30 minutes of receiving the request, an alert message goes out to the controlling officer.

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